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As a third generation barber, Roland has over a decade of experience and a team of barbers that will provide you with one dapper haircut. If you are in or near Ocala, FL and ready for a top notch haircut, then you need to visit Roland's Speakeasy barber shop.

Hot Towel Shaves

Our team is trained in the art of shaving and ready to provide you with precision in each cut and shave. Whether you wear your face clean, with a mustache, or a full beard, you will be well taken care of at Roland's Speakeasy Barbershop.

Hair Products & Pomade

At Roland's Speakeasy Barbershop we believe in a quality haircut and that takes more than just putting sheers to the hair, it also takes great product. We only recommend the best and have it in stock at our location so you only have to make one stop for a dapper do. Come in and talk to the team about what hair product we would recommend for you.

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Hair Products & Pomade

Here at Roland’s Speakeasy Barbershop we are committed to being the premiere barbershop in Ocala, FL. Part of that commitment is to keep high-quality hair products in stock at our location so you have easy access to them. These are not your typical products you find at a local convenience store, these are top notch and make all the difference. Whether you like a strong hold, light hold, high shine, or matte finish then we can point you in the right direction for the right product for your hair. Some of the brands we will have in stock are Layrite, Shiners Gold, High Life, Prospectors, and soon, Roland’s Speakeasy Barbershop’s own pomade. Click the button below to learn more or call us at (352) 304-2158.

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