Hair Products And Pomade

Roland’s very own pomade will be available soon.

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High Life

High Life Water Based Hair Dressing slicks hair, adds shine, and WASHES OUT!!! Medium hold water based hair dressing holds like a wax but washes out easy leaving hair squeaky clean.


Use Layrite Superhold Pomade to sculpt extremely curly hair, course hair, and thick hair or to create high-elevation men’s hairstyles that require extreme hold. Superhold is nearly identical to our Original Pomade but contains water-based beeswax to increase hold.


A great hold for any hairstyle that will not dry your hair, create flakes and will wash right out. Gold Rush is a nongreasy feeling pomade with hemp oil that will promote a healthy scalp.

Shiner Gold

Shiner Gold is a heavy holding Pomade that goes in thick but won't rip your hair out. It works for all types of hair but was designed for thick and wavy-haired people in mind. Shiner Gold sets up hard but keeps its combability with a greasy feel.

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